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Whether your order is large or small, needed now or later, MBS’ ordering options and order processing departments make acquiring textbooks quick and easy.

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With MBS, you get

  • Six convenient ordering options
  • The largest inventory of new and used books
  • An expansive selection of digital titles
  • Easy, convenient access to campus store support

Our used book inventory and sell-through continues to climb through our partnership with MBS.

Julie Banks

Director of Retail Operations, University of Dayton Bookstore

Acquire course materials quickly and easily

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Our massive supply ecosystem combines the forces of 17,000+ publishers, 6,000,000+ students and higher education’s largest vetted textbook marketplace.


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UD Bookstore Shares What a Difference a Wholesaler Can Make

The University of Dayton expanded their used book inventory to help students get more from their textbook scholarships.

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