MBS Services For College Store Retailers

We work to provide the largest inventory of used books, a wide selection of new and digital titles, cutting-edge retail technology and support.

Course Material Solutions

Course material solutions

MBS offers more options for students to save money on course materials, increasing the likelihood of them having what they need by the first day of class and being more successful. We also understand how an effective store is a profitable store. So we also offer tools to simplify and automate key functions of your store.

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Store Automation

Store automation

Integrated management tools, a robust eCommerce solution, and state-of-the-art hardware streamlines your operations so you can focus on what matters — your customers. Provide them with a superior, personalized shopping experience. In addition, our dedicated support staff and ongoing training opportunities ensure your store's future success.

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MBS Service Center

MBS Service Centers

A successful partnership is a well-informed one. With the MBS Service Centers, you stay on top of everything you need to know to more efficiently run your store, including account information, inventory status, important MBS Systems updates and more.

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MBS Direct

MBS Direct, LLC

MBS Direct, LLC is the industry leader in providing online bookstores with comprehensive print and digital inventories of course materials. Since 1992, MBS Direct has provided fulfillment, consultation and research to hundreds of higher educational and K-12 institutions, saving their students millions through cost-savings initiatives.

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