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Arc: the All-new Browser-based Retail Management Suite from MBS

Arc: the browser-based retail management suite from MBS

Take back the precious hours of your day with the single sign-on browser-based management suite. Gone are the days of keeping track of multiple log-ins and profiles for multiple users. Now you can be more productive and tailor Arc to meet the needs of your store and your team.

More used books, increased student savings

Bringing You World Class Distribution

Bringing You World Class Distribution

Bookstores Without Barriers: Sourcing

Sourcing the Best and Most Course Materials Webinar

A Tour of MBS

A Tour of MBS

Complete college retail management

Engineering a Successful Store With MBS Systems

Engineering a Successful Store with MBS Systems

Bookstores Without Barriers: Students

Reaching Students Across Multiple Channels Webinar

Demystifying the Latest Thing

Demystifying the Latest Thing for the College Store

Connect "On the Go"

Connect with Students 'On The Go'

MBS Dashboard

Make Informed Business Decisions with Dashboard

Effective marketing and strong faculty relations

Price Compare at Your Store

Price Compare at Your College Store

Working at a College Store Can Feel Like a Circus

Working at a College Store Can Feel Like a Circus

Bookstores Without Barriers: Competition

Overcoming Competition Webinar

Bookstores Without Barriers: Faculty

Maintaining Strong Faculty Relationships Webinar