How have we helped our partner stores excel? Let out partners tell you in their own words. Find out how having more course material and technology options, access to a comprehensive inventory and exceptional service has made a difference for their institution.

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MBS System Testimonial | Kristine Herman, JCCC

Kristine Herman

Manager, Johnson County Community College Bookstore

Kristine Herman shares how the MBS system has evolved and adapted with her store to best serve customers and provide the materials and resources they need to be successful.

The success of our partner stores is our proudest achievement.

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Expansive inventory & thriving partnerships

You set it and forget it.

"SimpleSource does its thing, and I can get other work done while my wantlist is being automatically reworked for traditional wholesale inventory and marketplace inventory."

Kevin Chak, Store Manager, Skyline College Bookstore

We decided to make the switch to MBS in November of 2014.

"It has been a great decision for our store. Our used book inventory and sell-through continues to climb through our partnership with MBS."

Jeff Lubnow, Director of Auxiliary Enterprises, County College of Morris Bookstore

The rental program and rental re-quotes have been a lifesaver.

"Rentals are our lifeblood. This piece is both a value piece and a service piece for us."

David Abrahamson, Manager, Milwaukee School of Engineering Bookstore

Without the additional help to preemptively fix problems, we would have to make hard choices about what we can reasonably accomplish with the staff we have. However, with the help of our MBS representatives and the services MBS provides, we can continue to offer students a variety of course material choices that help us keep costs down.

Shannon Blackadder

Textbook and Trade Manager, University of Calgary Bookstore

MBS Store Technology Solutions

Along the way, MBS has evolved with us.

"There have been so many enhancements, and MBS has answered any issues that we’ve had. We’ve really appreciate the personal relationships that we’ve developed. MBS has met all of our needs."

Jeremy Johnson, Executive Director, Auxiliary Services, Kennesaw State University

MBS was the top pick for us because of the diverse functionalities of the system

"— the online eCommerce capabilities, the more thorough reporting tools and the overall cost of the system. The support we have received from the MBS team while implementing the new system has been phenomenal!"

Alyssa Milano-Hightower, MBA, Director of Enterprise Services, Lower Columbia College Bookstore

MBS support is very helpful.

"Both Arc and inSite have so many in depth functions that we may not use day to day, so it is great to have someone we can quickly get a hold of when we have questions."

Kristine Herman, Manager, Johnson County Community College Bookstore

Our staff enjoys the flexibility Arc provides. It has met our expectations for ease and functionality. The ability to multitask has increased, we can respond to student needs quicker and we know it will only get better.

Charlie Rutt

Director, University Store, University of Central Missouri

Accompanying services

Students love our loyalty program.

"It’s become a huge selling point and helps to continually drive traffic!"

Stacy Elofir, Director, University Store at Towson University

MBS makes it all easier for us.

"The quality of service has been at every level. Whether it is the home office people or the software team. The door is always open, and I like that. It’s that commitment to service that is irreplaceable."

Jeff Lubnow, Director of Auxiliary Enterprises, County College of Morris Bookstore

We heavily rely on the MBS mobile order processing tool

"to scan our books to ensure we are giving customers the right books and there are fewer issues on the back end. The pickup utility has been phenomenal for us in terms of quick, accurate answers for customers."

Andi Stipp, Director, Wichita State University Shocker Stores