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MBS Testimonial: Margo Ketels, University of Dubuque

Margo Ketels

Director of Campus Stores, University of Dubuque, Dubuque, Iowa

Margo Ketels describes the support she has received from MBS; when she needs software, systems enhancements or managing general merchandise, MBS has been there to help.

The success of our partner stores is our proudest achievement.

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Expansive inventory & thriving partnerships

SimpleSource is a great way to procure dynamically priced used books from MBS.

"We really like how we can set up different ‘shopping’ cycles and see the big picture for our wantlist by checking on marketplace status, order fulfillment from MBS and adjusting how our list is being worked — daily if desired."

Cindy Hawk, M.A., Assistant Director, Book Division, The University of Arizona BookStores

We decided to make the switch to MBS in November of 2014.

"It has been a great decision for our store. Our used book inventory and sell-through continues to climb through our partnership with MBS."

Julie Banks, Bookstore Director, University of Dayton

Used books have always been in demand in our industry – now more than ever.

"Our partnership with MBS has allowed us to save our students an additional $95,000 over the past year because of the increase in the number of used copies we’ve received from MBS."

David Abrahamson, Manager, Milwaukee School of Engineering Bookstore

The MBS Rental program has been instrumental in allowing our store to grow our rental program into one of the largest in the nation. It has brought lower prices back to the bookstore, which was a big relief for students and professors alike. Even though we drastically reduced prices, our store maintained the same margin. Now we can give students the options they deserve, and let them decide.

Jason Lorgan

Associate Director, UC Davis Stores

MBS Store Technology Solutions

Along the way, MBS has evolved with us.

"There have been so many enhancements, and MBS has answered any issues that we’ve had. We’ve really appreciate the personal relationships that we’ve developed. MBS has met all of our needs."

Jeremy Johnson, Executive Director, Auxiliary Services, Kennesaw State University

MBS certainly did a good job training and preparing us for the transition.

"— The MBS implementation specialist was here on our ‘go-live’ date, which I am so thankful for."

Carlita Slatky, Store Director, Georgia Southern University

We shipped packages to Asia, the Middle East, South Africa; literally all over the world.

"It was phenomenal. inSite was critical in helping us gain sales. If we didn’t have an online presence, we really would have been behind the eight ball."

Andrea Stipp, Director, WSU Bookstore, Wichita State University

Our staff enjoys the flexibility Arc provides. It has met our expectations for ease and functionality. The ability to multitask has increased, we can respond to student needs quicker and we know it will only get better.

Charlie Rutt

Director, University Store, University of Central Missouri

Accompanying services

Students love our loyalty program.

"It’s become a huge selling point and helps to continually drive traffic!"

Stacy Elofir, Director, University Store at Towson University

MBS Dashboard is pretty impressive.

"It gives me added confidence in the MBS system knowing that it can produce all of the information I need at a moment’s notice."

Scott Heiman, Manager, Madison Area Technical College Bookstore

Great learnings about inSite.

"I’ll be able to get our website to be a more viable eCommerce operation."

Tom Lucero, Online Retail Manager, Colorado State University