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With more than 170,000 titles on hand at any given time, and with over 6.6 million textbooks shipped annually, our facilities have to be top of the line.

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A proven ability to meet your needs


textbooks received annually


textbooks shipped annually


order accuracy and on-time performance levels

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Large-scale operations

State-of-the-art warehouse facility designed to improve throughput and better streamline order fulfillment as a college bookstore distributor.

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World Class Distribution

Bringing You World Class Distribution

See the journey a textbook makes as we follow the process from buyback to backpack using the state-of-the-art MBS distribution process.

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A Tour of MBS

A Tour of MBS

You don't need to come to Columbia, Missouri, to get the experience of touring our facilities. Take a full video tour to get an up-close look at our warehouse.