Case Study: Towson University

Stacy Elofir, director of University Store, wanted to change students' perception about her store. With the help of MBS' Loyalty application, she customized a program that rewarded return visits and was able to gain over 5,000 participants in just a few short months!

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Loyalty Program Boosts Store Sales and Public Sentiment

MBS gave her the tools necessary to manage an effective loyalty program

Competition for customers is at an all time high, and with so many consumer options available, building loyalty is essential to a college store's success. Stacy Elofir, University Store director at Towson University, recognized just that and decided to take action.

"After speaking with other stores about their customer loyalty programs at the MBS Users Symposium, I was inspired to look into the idea and pursue creating my own," she explained.

Based on a streamlined version of her favorite shoe store's program, Stacy was able to create a simple yet effective loyalty structure, with the hope of positively impacting both sales and sentiment about the store.

Using the MBS Loyalty application, the store implemented Tiger Rewards which awarded customers with one reward point for each dollar spent on qualifying purchases, excluding certain merchandise such as computer hardware and graduation products. Tiger Rewards then offers the opportunity for students to earn gift cards redeemable at the University Store.

With a simple sign-up, students begin the program by visiting the store's website using their phone number, and providing their number to the cashier at the time of their purchase. Starting in February 2011, University Store first began their program with a soft rollout, to ensure it was running correctly, by making it available to their website customers.

University Store has increased return visits since implementing MBS Loyalty

Tiger Rewards has gone beyond just being successful for the store, however, and accomplished its main goal: to build loyalty among student customers. Feedback on the program has been overwhelmingly positive and enhanced a feeling of good will toward the store, according to Elofir.

The students love it! It's become a huge selling point and helps to continually drive traffic.

— Stacy Elofir

"The students love it! It's become a huge selling point and helps to continually drive traffic," she said. "We've even gained extra publicity with articles covering the program in our campus newspaper and e-Newsletter. During our welcome program for newly accepted students, we had a ton of students and parents come tour the bookstore and every one of them signed up for Tiger Rewards. Many of them expressed how great of an idea the program was and some of them even asked me why we hadn't done it sooner — it was great!"

About Towson University:

  • FTE: 15,590
  • Offers a 5% return on purchases through Loyalty
  • The surrounding city has two competing stores

About Loyalty:

  • Reward customers for purchases both in-store and online as well as buyback
  • Structure rewards based on your unique customer buying activity and patterns
  • Choose which merchandise you make available for rewards redemption
  • Offer shoppers the convenience of both checking and redeeming points online 24/7
  • Allow points to be converted into monetary value on a gift card