Case Study: Taft College

In the evolving collegiate retail industry, just offering options at your store is no longer an option. Students expect various formats and lower price-points and the most successful stores are staying competitive by meeting their demands.

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Cougar Corner Bookstore Expands Technology and Service

Options = sales

When Cougar Corner Bookstore at Taft College was in need of a new system, that's one of the first aspects that they took into consideration. "The more options we have in our store, the more likely we are to keep students' business; and with the increasing number of online retailers, that's really important," explained Jennifer Matteson, bookstore coordinator.

Because the store has had a rental program in place for over ten years and, therefore, rents the majority of its titles, finding a system that supported rentals and could help them expand was of the utmost importance.

"We had literally outgrown the rental function on our last system and were looking for the technology that would take both our program, and our store, into the modern era," she said. "We explored several options to find the solution that would best meet our needs."

After much research, Cougar Corner Bookstore selected the MBS System, finding it to be a perfect fit for their future plans.

"We were very excited about the new rental enhancements through the MBS POS and the capabilities that they would offer us as a store," Matteson added. "The ability for students to rent directly at the register offered a great opportunity to expand our program. It's definitely something rental stores should look into."

Options lead to smart business

Besides the high-end service the MBS system offered to students, Matteson also appreciated the innovative reporting options offered to employees.

"One of our highest concerns was reporting, especially as it related to our rental program," she explained. "I realized that the MBS System really differentiated itself from other providers when I learned about its customizable, comprehensive reports. We were able to use that function to meet our store's specific needs."

After selecting MBS as the store's systems provider, Matteson was as impressed with the transition as she was with the technology.

We had literally outgrown the rental function on our last system and were looking for the technology that would take both our program, and our store, into the modern era.

— Jennifer Matteson

"The implementation process was very quick! While one MBS employee was installing the system, the other was teaching us about all the ways we could use it. Everyone we worked with was so friendly and efficient that we all felt very comfortable throughout the experience," she added.

Relationships matter

That service, however, didn't stop there. Matteson attributes much of the success of her MBS partnership to the continued support she's received.

"I absolutely love my MBS people, they are so friendly and always willing to help!" she explained. "With so many other companies, you have to go through five or six different people to resolve an issue. But, at MBS, you have your own personal contacts that know your store and understand the issues you may be facing. That's a huge bonus and a big time saver!"

This winning combination of high-quality service, innovative technology, and invaluable training is what makes MBS such a viable partner, according to Matteson.

"From webinars to systems updates, they continually provide us with training throughout the year," she said. "They not only provide the tools you need to be successful but also make sure that each of your employees have the most up-to-date knowledge to use those tools."

About Taft College:

  • FTE: 7,381
  • Two-year community college serving Taft, California.
  • School's Cougar Corner Bookstore made the switch to a new system to provide more options and a more robust rental program for students

About MBS Systems:

  • Modules, apps and services are fully integrated, allowing for complete control in a cohesive, functional package
  • Rental integration lets students rent their titles at the point of sale
  • Ongoing training opportunities keep MBS Systems users informed of the latest features and enhancements