Case Study: Technical College of the Lowcountry

After experiencing lines out the door and long wait times, TCL purchased an MBS Point of Service system to improve their customers' in-store experience. TCL began using the MBS POS in June of 2014, and has seen a much-improved experience for both students and employees.

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TCL Gives Customers Better Service with MBS POS

Having used MBS for buybacks for most of the past decade, the Technical College of the Lowcountry (TCL) already had a strong relationship with the company. But by purchasing an MBS Point of Service system in June of 2014, TCL cemented itself as an official MBS Store Technology Solutions partner school.

"We'd been going back and forth with MBS for the past three or four years," said TCL Director of Auxiliary Services Louise Rennix. "There was already a good relationship there, and the low cost [of an MBS system] was the deciding factor in making a switch."

Despite never having had any kind of bookstore Point of Service system before, TCL had a smooth implementation period. An MBS employee flew out to the TCL bookstore and put Rennix and her employees through a few days of training while they shut the store down.

The TCL bookstore is a small one; the entire staff is Rennix and two other full-time employees. For that reason, Rennix was initially worried that getting a new system set up before rush would be overwhelming. Fortunately, that turned out not to be the case. "Implementation was not as hard as I thought it would be, even though we never had a system before this," she said.

Speeding things up

Once the staff got acquainted with the MBS POS, it was nearly time for fall rush. Thanks to the simplicity of the system, and the staff's thorough preparation, TCL experienced a drastically improved rush season.

There was already a good relationship there, and the low cost [of an MBS system] was the deciding factor in making a switch.

— Louise Rennix

"Rush is where we really felt we had confidence. Before it started, we scanned every single item in order to be prepared, and we did very, very well. We got through it without almost any problems," said Rennix. "The service to students at the register was 10 times faster. We used to have 30 – 40 minute waits to get in the bookstore, but now we have almost no wait at all."

The beginning of the year is not the only time Rennix expects to have success, however. The Point of Service system will also allow the bookstore to greatly improve on physical inventory at the end of each term. "We used to have to use a ton of spreadsheets, and count things manually," Rennix said. "Now, we don't have to do any list making. Nor do we have to run inventory."

Even so, all of this semester's changes are just the tip of the iceberg for TCL. The store has already set up GMonline, TAonline and Student Financial Aid implementations, but coming soon are inSite and rental options. The store is hoping to have inSite up and running by January, while rental will hopefully be made available in time for the Fall 2015 term.

Overall, Rennix and the rest of the TCL staff are thrilled with the improvements the MBS POS system has allowed them to make in their store, and recommend it to anyone looking to provide a better bookstore experience. "All you have to do is talk to stores that have experience with MBS," she said.

About Technical College of the Lowcountry:

  • FTE: 1,363
  • Previously hadn't used a bookstore Point of Service system
  • They sought a POS which could be implemented quickly before rush by a small staff
  • Considered the MBS system for its low cost and their wholesale relationship

About MBS POS:

  • Provides transaction speeds of under three seconds
  • Accepts a variety of payment tenders, including Student Financial Aid and Gift Cards
  • Provides the ability to access both back-office applications and the web, directly from the POS
  • Designed to offer a customer-centric shopping experience