Case Study: Kennesaw State University

Unhappy with its previous partnership, the Kennesaw State University Bookstore saw MBS as the ideal way to fulfill all of its course material and bookstore retail needs. Since installing the MBS system, the bookstore employees have implemented almost every service and feature MBS has available, and they couldn't imagine going back to where they were before.

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The Total MBS Store Technology Solutions Experience

One company with many solutions

A partner since the summer of 2010, Kennesaw State University has received the full MBS Store Technology Solutions experience. After suffering through a number of accounting and service issues with their previous course materials provider, Executive Director, Auxiliary Services Jeremy Johnson said that the university's decision to switch to MBS was an easy one.

"The MBS system is night and day from the system we had before," Johnson said. "The people here in the bookstore don't ever want to lose that. They tell me it's just so much easier to use, and I'm still hearing about how great it is today, almost five years later."

The Point of Service system is just the tip of the iceberg at Kennesaw State, however. The bookstore is also using TA2online, inSite, the SFA module and accounting applications in addition to using MBS Rental.

Johnson and his team aren't done with the implementations, though. Kennesaw State is currently in the process of swapping out their old registers in exchange for MBS Points of Service, and are planning to complete that transition in 2015. Additionally, they are planning to bring MBS' single sign-on feature to their online bookstore, which allows students to use their university log in to gain access to both university systems and to inSite.

Evolving to meet the school's needs

When Kennesaw State was looking to change its systems partner back in 2010, one of the main priorities was having the opportunity to give their students access to more course materials. Their previous provider did not have access to a comparable number of materials, and it became difficult for the university to meet all of its students' textbook demands. However, that all changed when the decision was made to go with MBS, and the system has been proven to adapt right alongside the school and its needs.

"Along the way, the MBS system has evolved with us. There have been so many enhancements, and MBS has answered any issues that we've had. We've really appreciated the personal relationships that we've developed. MBS has met all of our needs," Johnson said.

There have been so many enhancements, and [MBS] has answered any issues that we've had ... MBS has met all of our needs.

— Jeremy Johnson

When the school officially began using the MBS system, they noticed an immediate difference in quality. One of the first things they did was overhaul their website to improve their online sales. Once that was complete, they implemented Loyalty and the SFA module, and saw a marked improvement in both their sales and customer feedback. When asked what he would say to schools considering making a switch to MBS, Johnson spoke highly of the bookstore's experience with the system and all of its features.

"MBS is more than just a system to us. The whole team works so well, and our relationship is just stellar and I would recommend it to anyone. We get good pricing on everything and we get great, great service. When I got here, folks on staff had lost hope in the previous system, but MBS provided solutions to our problems."

About Kennesaw State University:

  • FTE: 25,000
  • Located in Kennesaw, Georgia, just north of Atlanta
  • Offers more than 90 undergraduate and graduate degrees
  • Established in 1963

About MBS Store Technology Solutions:

  • inSite allows you to quickly and easily build and manage a fully functioning eCommerce website for textbooks and merchandise
  • Arc lets your employees simplify dynamic pricing, streamline returns and manage adoptions with full integration with the MBS textbook database
  • MBS Rental is the most competitive rebate program in the industry
  • The Student Financial Aid module allows students to pay for their course materials both in-store and online by using grants