Case Study: Century College

Using reports generated through MBS Systems Dashboard, Century College Bookstore identified key trends in their store's operation and made significant business changes that optimized their efficiency.

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Store Gains Easy Access to Important Business Intelligence

Between inventory, sales and customer service, you know your store is busy. But what does it all add up to? With such a full schedule, it's often no easy task to find the time to sit down and crunch the numbers.

Recognizing the need for this data, Century College Bookstore turned to MBS Systems Dashboard. With advanced reporting capabilities, Dashboard seamlessly analyzes the store's unique data and creates graphical representations based on its findings.

"We chose Dashboard because of the flexibility it offers in terms of reporting," explained Todd Oseby, purchasing and auxiliary supervisor. "I equate it to going into a convenience store for something that you need, rather than a grocery store; it's quick, easy, and has exactly what you're looking for!"

They were able to identify key trends through Dashboard

With several on-demand reports, Dashboard allows the store to view data about a variety of retail-oriented aspects. One report they use most often, for instance, is "Daily Top Sellers."

"It's an excellent way for us to understand what merchandise was hot that day," Oseby said.

Likewise, they frequently interact with the "Daily Trend Sales by Hour" report to determine their peak sales time through graphic representations. Much more than just numbers, however, the report provides the store with key insight on their business.

"By looking at the hour-by-hour breakdown for a 60 day period, I realized that we weren't generating enough sales in the last hour that we were open to cover one employee's hourly wage, let alone the two that we currently had scheduled," he explained.

Armed with this information, Oseby was able to effectively alter the store's schedule to save valuable personnel costs.

It worked perfectly and has been critical to our process ever since.

— Todd Oseby

"I used the data to make a pitch to my boss about the issue and, based on the numbers, we decided to close an hour earlier during non-peak times," he explained. "We moved those employees who had originally been scheduled to close to work an hour earlier, resulting in both savings for the store and expanded customer service during busier times of the day; it was a win-win!"

Oseby and his staff also took advantage of custom reporting

Along with the reports built-in to Dashboard, stores also have the option of requesting additional custom reports to help fulfill their specific needs.

"MBS created a custom ‘Sales per Department by Month" report for us to assist in our monthly sales tax reporting to the state of Minnesota," he said.

Besides its functionality, the turnaround time for the report was even better, according to Oseby.

"I just had to tell my Online Client Rep what I was looking for and they had it built and sent to me within an hour or so!" he added. "It worked perfectly and has been critical to our process ever since!"

They plan to expand the use of reports in the future

Their plans for Dashboard don't stop there.

"After this rush period, we plan on implementing more textbook related custom reports," Oseby explained. "We want to analyze the effectiveness of our adoptions process, so we'd like to work with MBS to build a report that will let us compare the elapsed time between when an adoption request is received to when that specific textbook is ordered."

Although the store has only begun to explore all that that Dashboard offers, Oseby is convinced the tool is a great asset to the store.

"I'm extremely satisfied with both the functionality and service we've received so far," he said. "It has been great to have all that information be so accessible; I would absolutely recommend it to my peers!"

About Century College:

  • FTE: 8,000
  • Used built-in Dashboard reports to identify trends and make important business decisions
  • Created a customized report to assist in monthly sales tax reporting

About MBS Systems Dashboard:

  • Analyze your store's data with built-in reports
  • View graphical representations of each data set
  • Request custom reports based on your store's unique needs
  • Gain five free custom reports just for signing up!